Friday, December 19, 2008


  • We go eating sizzlers. At a bustling place, with old friends from college days. As it happens on such occasions, we talk about halcyon days of past and stir up memories of people we knew. We talk incessantly, behave noisily, eat clumsily, and laugh out loudly at the tiniest of anecdotes we share. After so many years, even the painful memories now seem laughable.
  • I’m packing my bags for year-end holidays. I am going away for few days and there’s not much to pack anyway, I think. But this morning, I run around and pile up things that I need to carry – clothes, tickets, slippers, books. Oh, books! I take maximum time to decide which books to carry with me for holiday read. I know, I won’t probably read much, but then I am bugged by the thought, “What if I feel like picking up a book? What if I feel like picking up this particular book?”
  • So, another year went by. And minor ups and downs apart, I think it went quite well with me. I don’t really like to do year-end assessments, nor new-year resolutions. Therefore, instead, I’m going on hibernation for the next two weeks.
By the way, my best wishes to you all for the coming year.

Happy 2009!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Am still here

I feel flattered that some people are taking out time from their busy schedules and wondering about why I haven’t posted on the blog for so long. It is even more surprising (pleasantly, of course) to find that these people are coming in regularly to check whether something new has been written on the blog. Neither my stony silence nor the repeated disappointments could deter them from visiting.

And I must say I am mighty impressed by their remarkable persistence. And I thought that I owed one post for them, even if it is just to signal that I’m not dead yet.

So what kept me away from writing? Well, it was work mostly, but I also somehow didn’t feel the desire to say anything. It is, as if, I have run out of things to say, and whatever I want to say seems totally dispensable. This feeling has somehow made into my mind and I don't see any changes to it happening in the coming days.

Cannot say when I shall be back again, but don't worry because I am alive and kicking.

By the way, before I leave, here are three photos from a recent trip. Posting photos, as you know, is a sign that I have run out of things to write about. Hope I get over this phase soon.

dragonflies flitting about at vijaydurg

sunshine on water at sindhudurg

sunset at the quiet beach at devgad

And no, this post was not written with pen and paper. In fact, recently, I have started typing away even more furiously on the keyboard; haven't got much chance to write with the pen ever since.