Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When you sit at office for long...

... you come up with a lame post like this.

Okay, just composed a hurried post and wanted to put it up before June turns into July. Not that posting it in July is going to make any difference. But, you see, I'm practicing some self-imposed deadline to discipline myself. This post is just a sort of a quick update, if you please.
  • Although it's monsoon time the rains are nowhere in sight. Obviously, absence of rain is the talk of the town these days. Which is not such a bad thing, I guess. Whenever I run out of things to say, I can always initiate a conversation about how awful the delayed monsoon is proving to be.
  • Apart from monsoon rain, the other thing that is not happening is my cooking. I have gone into a non-cooking mode for quite some time now. The recent acquisition of a refrigerator has not helped much. Bad!
  • I'm sometimes awed by the swiftness of people. The way people make life-altering decisions. The way they appear to be in control of what they do. The self-assurance. And look at me: I ponder hours about whether I should do the dishes, wash the clothes, and mop the floor; or, should I just lie down and stare at the ceiling. Exasperating!
  • Recently, I had been asked whether I have any long-term plans. Like, where do I want to be after, maybe, 5/10 years. Needless to say, I had none. But, now, I'm sort of getting the idea. Is it time to assess and evaluate?
  • The area I live in has recently got many new shops and stores and eating joints – and some old ones closed down. Meanwhile, many people I knew have moved away, changed jobs, bought property, got married, or did some such important thing. And, I'm wondering how much unchanged my life has remained in the last few years.
  • By the way, seriously, where has the last six months gone? I just realized that half of the year is over.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Today, I was going through an online training session about time management (what else?) in office. This one was a recorded webinar, one where the participants were communicating with the presenter by typing in their responses onto the presentation slides.

So, during the presentation, one particular question the presenter asked was, "Why procrastinate?"

There were many fervent responses typed onto the slide. All true and relevant to various extent.

But the show-stealer response was, "I hope it will go away."

I felt like the person who wrote this was me.