Thursday, September 07, 2006

An examined life

He lives a pretty ordinary life - mundane and boring. But he never accepts that. He actually thinks his life can serve as a 'case-study' for posterity. I also think so, albeit for an altogether different reason.

He works for a living and pretends to be enjoying it. But the truth is, he has no idea what he is doing. He often writes substandard pieces, which he thinks are of high literary value. But they are as trash as trash can be. He keeps daydreaming all his waking hours. And he actually bugs me with all his incredulous adventures in 'dreamland'. He also does read a book or two at times but he definitely exaggerates his knowledge as if he's a know-it-all. And did I tell you about his lazyness - it's exemplary. Although he justifies his inactivity to his detached worldview, he's often found hankering after all the material pleasures. So, in a word, his is a 'pathetic' life. Beyond repair.

So, it goes without saying how annoying it is to live with a person like that. I wonder how many of you have to live with such species of people who attaches extra importance to themselves. My sympathies to you all. I'm myself living with such an impossible person for the last 26 years. Don't I deserve a pat on my back?